Finger tracking for creators
just from your camera

It used to take quadrillions of time and money.
Sneak peek of the next generation motion capture. Democratised by AI
Welcome to democratised hands motion capture
No special hardware
Just your regular camera, regular light, hands and you are all set
No upfront costs
Flexible pricing starts with as low as a cup of tea
Easy to scale
One hand? You got it. Two hands? You got it with no extra costs
Realtime @ your software
60 fps at 3D software? Sure!
90 fps? Buckle up
Unleash your creative power
Speed up the flow
Get your hands animated in a matter of hours, not months. Get your next best work faster
Power up your character
Add up expressiveness to your scene or gameplay. Make your character truly alive
Less import/export pain, go for realtime
Experiment freely with your scene and character. Find the new level of depth
Motion capture software as it should be
Pick your launch-special plan before they grow
Pay as you go
5 minutes for free

0 minutes
$0 / month

per extra minute
Get your hands animation covered
5 minutes for free

180 minutes
$59 / month

per extra minute
I need better
Ping us with your needs and we'll arrange

custom plan

$$$ / month

custom plan

5 minutes for free
get your body ready
no credit card required
Proud to be supported by
AI will dramatically change the way we do our work and is crushing it
Creative Director and Motion Designer,
This looks impressive and there's even an occlusion prediction!
CG Artist,
Anvio VR
CG Artist, CG YouTuber,
Get the perfect angle
Enable capture with your webcam
Pick your webcam, show your palm to it, find the perfect angle and move your fingers
Go flexible with headrig
Make your camera a wireless webcam (check Epocam software and others), put it on the rig (check Cellfy or Tribbit) and get some moves
5 minutes for free
get your hands ready
no credit card required
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