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CPTR.tech leverages deep learning technologies
to democratise CG content production
for next generation digital creators.

First product is hands motions capture
Slava Smirnov
move things around
Slava has 10+ years of managing digital development for creative industries (advertising and gaming). Turned to machine learning in 2016. Passion for combining creativity and tech to bring new creative ideas to life. First animation in 2000s. Tactical shooters fan and ex-esports player.
Gleb Sterkin
deep learning
Gleb has extensive experience in leading deep learning teams for both industry (Uber-competitor, fin-tech and Samsung) and world's acclaimed academia (CVPR/ECCV papers). Gleb moves those neural networks outputs around. Motto: "It ain't gonna work. For next 2 months"
Undisclosed co-founder
making tech work
He has been managing tech development for 10+ years for companies up to $B of market cap. He is the one who makes all this code do useful stuff for the users. Currently goes through M&A with his previous company. Crazy solving hard problems
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read 80LV
to know more about neural networks for computer graphics professionals

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