motion capture just with your camera
it used to take quadrillions of time and money. Welcome to motion capture democratized by AI
no special hardware
plug your regular camera and you are good to go
no upfront costs
starting at as low as a cup of coffee
easy to scale
looking for these proper moves? you have it
real-time @ your software
no apps. stream to your 3D software or game engine right away
prototype gameplay animations
Preview your character animation in a matter of hours, not weeks. Iterate for your work faster
speed up cinematics production
Go from months to days per one unit. See your action right away and collaborate on the go
advance your previz quality
Make sure everything is set as it planned. See body action on stage before you shoot
$$ / hour
(limited time offer)
indie team
$$ / week
(limited time offer)
mid studio
$$$ / month
(limited time offer)
We invite all sorts of creatives to free of charge creative collabs.
We give you democratised motion capture software. You make your work classy
The first product with hands motion capture and finger tracking
is now publicly available here
We are open to collaborate with any creative. Tell us a bit about yourself and your project
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How many 3D characters are there?
How many animations per character you need?
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Do you have 3D models already?
Do you have an animator within your team?
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